Mystic Tan Perfect Tan Kit

Before we called it a ‘spray tan’ it was a Mystic Tan- the pioneers in spray tanning technology since 1998. A whopping 80% of spray tanning facilities are Mystic, with over 4500 salons worldwide. It’s no surprise that their at home system is easy to use with professional, lasting results.

Their three step system of Base, Build, Boost is made even easier with instructional videos on their site ensuring a perfect application. Use their base moisturizer first for an even application that glides over the skin, next use the tanning spray all over even on your own back thanks to their 360 degree spray can allowing it to be used at all angles with a light gentle mist. Boost the color each day thereafter with their vitamin enriched Sunless Enhancing Moisturizer which is the best gradual tanning product I’ve used.

Mystic Tan

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