Wanted: Women With Great Skin

Attention women with great skin- I want to know your secrets.

I see women all the time with fantastic skin and I always ask what their secret is. Sometimes it’s as simple as Dove and Vaseline- and sometimes there are women who have unique routines handed down from their family. Either way- I’d love to know what’s working for you.

Now- good skin doesn’t always mean young skin, and it sure doesn’t always mean unwrinkled skin. I want an honest sampling of women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds to get a feel of what women are doing to keep their skin looking great without the help of injectables and surgery.

Here’s what you do;

Send me an email Carissa@CarissaBeauty.com with the subject HOB Great Skin

Include your first name, age, where you live, and a few close up shots of you.

Give me a rundown on your daily skin care and makeup routine no matter how simple or complex. Include your favorite products you couldn’t live without that have made the most difference in your skin.

If you’re selected you will be notified and then featured here at Hooked on Beauty.

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