The Lip Scrub by Sarah Happ

The Lip Scrub from Sarah Happ is every bit as good as you’ve read. This generously sized lip exfoliant made from brown sugar is as sweetly packaged as it is flavored.

What I thought would first be a gift, quickly turned into a how-could-I-live-without-it for my kit to banish chapped lips on women so lip color lasts. Once I tried it, there was no doubt that it was all mine and only mine.

Since it does exfoliate lips, the sugar granules are densely mixed within petroleum (think Vaseline consistency) so the delicate skin benefits, but isn’t scratched or uncomfortable. You’ll notice longer periods of time will pass without applying lip balms or glosses because your lips will feel moisturized on their own.

With thoughtful packaging on the outside and a product for everyone on the inside, this is a perfect gift for the beauty obsessed and novice alike.

The Lip Scrub by Sarah Happ

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  1. Hooked On Beauty says:

    There are so many different flavors too. I didn’t love the cocoa or vanilla, but the cinnamon one was nice too.

  2. Amy Fichtner says:

    This looks amazing!!! I think I might actually order this one.

  3. Hooked On Beauty says:

    That’s what I love about this one- the consistency. It really is just in a petroleum base which makes it easier to smooth on getting the full benefits.

    I also think it’s helpful to keep it from drying out.

    She has a new lip balm that took her 2 years to formulate. She said it’s perfect.

    I’ll see about that..

  4. BeautyTalk says:

    :-) It does look yummi! I’ve just bought YSL lip scrub, tried it only once so it is still too early to say anything. But what I noticed is that it is quite thick… and it is not so easy to apply it in”circular motions” as recommended. Maybe it is because of wax (!?).. Since it is my first lip scrub, I was wondering are they always so thick? And what about Lip Scrub from Sarah Happ, is it easy to massage it on the lips?

  5. Looks yummy!

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