Free Cosmetics

If you haven’t heard about the decade long class action lawsuit that’s finally settled- here’s the scoop. So, the suit claimed that cosmetics companies fixed prices leaving women to pay too much for years and now they’re entitled to something. And that means all of us.

You don’t need a reciept, just go into a participating store and sign your name affirming that you bought cosmetics in a certian time period, and you will be entitled to a free product.

It’s while supplies last until the January 27th, so make sure you stop by today and get what’s rightly yours!

There are several cosmetics companies participating, but the full list along with all information is here.

All participating stores know about it and will be happy to help you out.

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  1. Cute_As_Me says:

    I heard about this but didn’t think it was true until I it!

    It’s true- got my Advanced Night Repair last night!


  2. B to tha H says:

    Girls dig me because I send them links to your website from Twitter and Facebook. Thanks for helping an ugly guy get girls Carissa!

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