FACE atelier Zero Minus and Zero Plus

Canadian born FACE atelier is known for their rich in color, but not in texture, foundations with a silicone based primer built right in. Their Ultra Foundation is the singular formula they carry because they’ve just gotten it so right. Oil free, long wearing, and looks great on camera with the silicone filling in imperfections on the skin.

I picked up their two stand out shades Zero Minus and Zero Plus on a recent trip to Scottsdale’s premier cosmetics boutique, Glam Lounge. These color perfecters are used when you have a foundation formula you love, but can’t find the right shade, just mix a tiny amount of either the minus (white to lighten) or the plus (darker tan to deepen) for an immediate custom shade that melts flawlessly into skin.

Zero Minus appears perfectly white, but doesn’t look the least bit chalky. It turned the foundation I was using into the exact shade I was hoping for. I wasn’t sure about the Zero Plus, I thought I could achieve the same effect adding a little bronzing gel or darker foundation to deepen, but it’s formulated to add depth without changing the overall tone of the foundation. It’s perfect.

Many women have 2 foundations for winter and summer, some just buy two and mix them together. Finally, there’s something meant specifically for hard to match skin all year round.

Available in two sizes- I like the ‘Pro’ size, plastic bottle instead of glass, it’s a little smaller and less expensive $30.

FACE atelier

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