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If you want a long-wearing velvety finish liner/ lipstick in one, then this is for you.

Kissink Lip Tintmarker is a fancy name for ‘lipstain’ which are largely misunderstood. For keeping color on your lips a really long time, stains are the way to go. This stain in particular is a rare, non-drying formula with a tip that allows for easy lining and application.

Choose from 5 shades and delight in the $7 price tag, a third of what other lines charge for their stains.

Kissink Lip Tintmarker

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  1. Hooked On Beauty says:

    HI Kerri,

    I just tried and it looks good-

    Which did you try?

  2. First off, I love your blog and I want to subscribe to it. This is the problem though, because your feeds aren’t functioning. Just a heads up.

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