Fashion Week NYC Spring ’09

Fashion Week is almost upon us and Friday the 13th is the start of New York’s Spring shows. I’ll be backstage throughout the week with veteran makeup artists Tina Turnbow and Vincent Longo as they create the runway looks we’ll covet all year long.

You’ll be up to date the latest trends, and what products the pros can’t live without.

Counting down…

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  1. Beyond exciting. Saw pics already from spring 09- so pretty! what shows?

  2. Hooked On Beauty says:

    Thanks gals- I’m so very excited. I leave tomorrow. 8 shows backstage/ going to. I’ll keep you updated!!

  3. Amy Fichtner says:

    am sooo excited for you!! I am a frumpy stay-at-home-mom with a secret desire to be a stylist!! I can’t wait tohear your reviews and see sme pics!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    you’ll really be there? like live and in person!? kool!

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