Bubble & Bee Organic Vanilla Peppermint Salt Scrub

One of my favorite new lines is one I heard about through a friend who introduced me to Pit Putty, the best deoderant I’ve ever used.

After a big product round up on their kitschy yet informative site yielded some of my favorite body products to date, I’m finding myself purchasing products that I already have stockpiled from various companies just because they’re that good.

Their Organic Salt Scrub is unique in a few ways; it doesn’t leave behind a ring of oil in the shower, it lathers, and the scent is so addicting. The combination of vanilla and peppermint both cools and refreshes with a sensation of warming and fresh that lasts long after the shower is over.

Bubble & Bee Organic Salt Scrub

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  1. oldergirlbeauty says:

    Just the name of this alone is enough to make me want to get it and jump in the shower.
    What a combo of flavors!

  2. I’ve used one of their little sick lotions and it smells soooooo good!

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