Women with Great Skin; Summer, 28 from Los Angeles, CA

Even a busy Fashion Editor from L.A. like Summer takes the time to ensure her skin is getting just what it needs. Summer has really dry skin, so she favors oil based products like Nude’s Replenishing Night Oil and loves Dermalogica’s Active Moist.

She also exfoliates a few times a week and freshens her skin up throughout the day with rose water when she feels tight just to keep dryness away.

A great lesson here for dry skin is that less is sometimes more, find a few products that really hold moisture and use them faithfully. Using rose water for dry skin is perfect to freshen makeup the way oily skin would using powder. Get a little purse sized spray bottle and fill it with rose water (get the real rose water or hydrocsol from health food stores) and lightly mist over skin for a quick pick me up.

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  1. Hooked On Beauty says:

    isn’t she adorable?

  2. Amy Fichtner says:

    I sooo needed this post!! I just put a post up about a face mask that I started using, with a horrific:) picture!!!

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