The Body Shop Moroccan Mystery Giveaway!!

Because nothing beats winning big, I’m excited to announce the today only Moroccan Mystery Giveaway from The Body Shop. Their blog readers have been gobbling up clues and answering questions from various sites all week to win $170 worth of beauty. Today, it’s my turn to host the contest and choose a winner!

The goodies at stake are from their new Moroccan Rose line. Of course the body products smell amazing, but the beauty products are lightly scented as well. You’ll receive;

Moroccan Rose Eau de Toilette
Moroccan Rose Shower Gel
Moroccan Rose Bath & Massage Oil
Moroccan Rose Body Butter
Moroccan Rose Body Milk

Roseflower Eyes Shade 01: Sunshine Gold
Roseflower Lips Shade 01: Soft Pink
Roseflower Blush Shade 02: Fuchsia
Radiance Stick Shade 01: Sheer Pink

Trust me- you’ll love it, and it’s so easy!

All you have to do is read the clue below describing a product at The Body Shop, find the product on their site, and leave your answer right here under comments. Don’t forget to use your Email ID so I can let you know you’ve won!

Here’s the Clue;

You might not have to go far to find this “berry” special treat growing in your very own garden. Travelers have sought after this ripe red fruit near and far, everyone from Italians to Japanese, even the Polish.

Here’s Where You Might Find the Answer;


Now Leave Your Answer Under Comments

At the end of 24 hours, I’ll notify the winner who will hopefully be chosen for the big prize. Play again tomorrow, at
Makeup and Beauty Blog for the last day of the contest and your last chance to win big!

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  1. Strawberry body polish…or maybe the Raspberry body scrub!

    Love your blog!

  2. Yipee! I’m so happy! Thanks!!

  3. Hooked On Beauty says:

    Congrats to the lucky winner Raleigh!

    Thank you all so much for reading and for making the contest so much fun. I’ll be sure to post more in the future!!



  4. I think the answer is Strawberry Body Polish (I plant small strawberry plants each spring and grow delicious strawberries for the summertime).

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    bawb (at) usa (dot) com

  5. Raspberry body scrub.

    (raspberries grow on trees, in backyards. strawberries grow in bushes… which COULD be in your backyard but not likely.)

  6. Strawberry is my first choice. Raspberry is my second.

  7. strawberry body polish
    KawaiiNeko2008 (at) aol (dot) com

  8. Raspberry Body Scrub

  9. Strawberry Body Polish .

  10. I think the answer is Strawberry Body Polish.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!


  11. raspberry body scrub or cranberry polish or strawberry polish

  12. Cranberry Polish or Strawberry Polish. ry2011 (@) mail (.) com

  13. It not only can be strawberry, but also CRANBERRY. The Cranberry Body Polish. forevertwentyfour(at)

  14. Strawberry Body Polish. The “polish” part gave it away.
    yee (underscore) family (underscore) information (at) yahoo (dot) com

  15. Raspberry body scrub.
    sugar dot lemon93 at gmail dot com

  16. Hijabi Apprentice says:

    I’ll go with Strawberry Body Polish!

    Thank you,

    Meyajones (at) gmail (dot) com

  17. Strawberry Body Polish!
    (or maybe Raspberry Body Scrub)

    Thanks :)

  18. strawberry polish! yum!
    zmama09 at yahoo dot com

  19. strawberry polish! (i’m in the US by the way)

  20. Strawberry Body Polish

  21. Strawberry Body Polish

  22. I’m going to go with the Strawberry Body Polish as well.


  23. Carolyn A. E. ( says:

    Strawberry Body Polish :)

  24. I’m going with the popular answer – Strawberry Body Polish!!

  25. Strawberry Body Polish, I hope!

  26. Thanks to The Body Shop and Hooked on Beauty for having this giveaway. My answer is Strawberry Body Polish.

  27. benfieldeugenia says:

    Strawberry Body Polish

  28. strawberry body polish
    lcpratt548 at gmail dot com

  29. Angeline S. says:

    Strawberry body polish!!

  30. micaela6955/Michele P. says:

    I am gonna say Strawberry Body Polish!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  31. Strawberry Body Polish

    aisharulz (at) yahoo (dot) com

  32. SeptemberLovely says:

    Strawberry Body Polish! (I hope!!) =)

  33. Strawberry Body Polish

    contestsandsuch at gmail dot com

  34. Strawberry Body Polish!


    ralexia12 at yahoo dot com

    for the

  36. Strawberry Body Polish

    oliviamerrill at rocketmail dot com

  37. Strawberry Body Polish
    seraphinajordan at aol dot com

  38. Cranberry body polish?


  39. felinesuperhero says:

    strawberry body polish

  40. Strawberry Body Polish!
    Thanks for the contest!!



  41. Fun giveaway!
    Strawberry Body Polish
    grahamcracker75 at live dot com

  42. Strawberry body polish

  43. My answer is “Strawberry Body Polish”. Thanks for the opportunity!

  44. Strawberry Body polish
    dcorpening14 at gmail dot com

  45. Strawberry Body Polish

  46. Strawberry Body Polish

  47. Della Pascual says:

    I say Strawberry Body Polish! Hurray for this giveaway!

    panachepascual at aol dot com

  48. Strawberry Body Polish

  49. myerscalista(at)gmail(dot)com

    Strawberry Body Polish

  50. Strawberry Body Polish

    Thanks for having this awesome
    seduisante76 at yahoo dot com

  51. Answer: Strawberry Body Polish


    Great giveaway!! :-)


  53. Strawberry Body Polish


  54. I agree with Bobbie, I think strawberries would be more likely to grow in your yard.
    My answer is Strawberry Body Polish

    chloezadora at gmail dot com

  55. Raspberry body scrub?

  56. I’m going to guess Strawberry Body Polish – hope I’m right!

  57. Meg, I'm going with Strawberry Body Polish but I think Raspberry Body Polish is also a possibility! I just think Strawberries would be more likely in my yard. Wow….what an awesome prize package & thank's for hosting today!

  58. Ginger Brockington says:

    Strawberry Body Polish

    gingersjuniper at gmail dot com

  59. Strawberry Body Polish

    but as others have mentioned it could be aspberry Body Scrub (that sounds yummy too)

    jinnzor AT gmail DOT com

  60. Strawberry Body Polish

  61. jacinda.stamey says:

    Strawberry Body Polish!

    Fun giveaway!
    jacinda.stamey at yahoo dot com

  62. It's a toss up between Raspberry & Strawberry, but I'll go with Strawberry Body Polish.

  63. PrissyGreen says:

    strawberry body polish

    I like your name Carissa

    karissag at

  64. I thought the clue lead me to:
    Raspberry Body Scrub

  65. Raspberry body scrub

  66. Strawberry Body Polish

  67. I’m not from the US, not sure I’m eligible. I’d try and guess Strawberry body polish

    juan_hurrican (at) yahoo (dot) com

  68. Strawberry Body Polish

  69. I’m going to the Strawberry Body Polish

  70. my guess….raspberry body scrub

  71. Raspberry Body Scrub

  72. Strawberry Body Polish.
    Great clue! And thanks for participating in this fabulous giveaway.

  73. Strawberry Body Polish :)

  74. Raspberry Body Scrub

  75. Raspberry Body Scrub!

  76. oldergirlbeauty says:

    Gosh, I think I am going to go with the majority and say Strawberry Body Polish (even tho there is a teensy chance it could be the Raspberry Body Scrub).
    Thanks for playing in this hunt! It has been lots of fun. :)

  77. Based on my research I’m going with Strawberry Body Polish!

  78. Is it Strawberry Body Polish??? Thanks!

  79. Strawberry body polish

  80. Strawberry Body Polish!


  81. I think it is Strawberry Body Polish! Thanks for hosting the contest!!

    khzarrugh at gmail dot com

  82. Raspberry body polish

  83. Strawberry Body Polish

  84. It’s strawberry body polish. yummmmm.

  85. Strawberry body polish, I think.

  86. Strawberry Body Polish


    Strawberry body polish is my choice but it could also be

    Raspberry Body Scrub

  88. I believe it’s Strawberry Body Polish!
    erinciminelli at gmail dot com

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  89. Strawberry Body Polish

    shel704 at aol dot com

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