Laura Mercier Satinée Crème Eye Colour

Very few products I receive make the cut to be used in my personal kit, and my professional one too but Laura Mercier’s Satinée Crème Eye Colours are just that fantastic.

As a makeup artist I layer creme shadows with powder ones to create an effect that’s full and polished, it’s a technique that distinguishes an everyday look from a professional one. Great powder shadows are pretty easy to find, both at department stores and drugstores alike, but finding a good creme shadow isn’t as easy.

These 6 tubes of color are so versatile and so lightweight on the eye, virtually melting into the lid leaving just the satiny color behind. Dry lids benefit from the added moisture when powder shadows look chalky, and oily lids can wear them under powder shadows giving them something to grab onto so the color remains bold throughout the day with this water-resistant formula.

Wear them alone for a fresh, spring look (the Peach Organza makes my eyes look huge and rested) or with any shadows. Since they’re without even a hint of shimmer, they won’t compete with the finish of other shadows- they’ll compliment whatever it is you’re using already.

Laura Mercier Satinée Crème Eye Colour

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  1. Hooked On Beauty says

    I love Mercier- from an artist standpoint, it’s as close to perfect as it gets. Their new shadows are great too- but you can’t wet them..

  2. Melissa Street and Aileen Wrench says

    I love these creme shadows too! Laura Mercier’s product line is so full of class and you can’t go wrong with almost anything she designs!

  3. The Pretty Analyst says

    I just discovered these recently and I agree – they’re great! What do you use to apply it? A sponge?

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