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Better late then never right?? Here’s my December Fox appearance chatting about my favorite beauty items for the gal who wants it all for less.


  1. Melissa Street and Aileen Wrench says:

    You did a great thing and I am sure it was worth all the hard work and effort on everyone’s part!!!

  2. Hooked On Beauty says:

    Thank you. I’ve been doing that forever. All I can remember about this segment is carrying so many boxes up, taking forever to set it up then helping to mail it all out. It was a mess- even more for the people who had to ship it all.

    I felt bad about causing more work, but great about giving it all away right before the holidays.

  3. Melissa Street and Aileen Wrench says:

    I am going to check out Revolution Organics – I don’t think I have heard of them! I loved your tip about the baby shampoo as eye makeup remover! Awesome tip!

  4. Hooked On Beauty says:

    I love Jaqua! There were so many things I wanted to talk about but didn’t have time to- Revolution Organics is one of them. Multi use = saving money.

  5. Melissa Street and Aileen Wrench says:

    Great video! I love the Sally Hansen Inflation too and you had a little Juqua “lip gloss” ring in there too! Those gals are great – they are my sister’s friends in Santa Barbara! Just got a massive gratis bag from them a few days ago! Fun, but I smell like a bakery and I want to eat my lips off!

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