Random Loves; Frais Hand Sanitizer and Gellette Venus Embrace

I’m sent a little bit of everything, and sometimes it isn’t what directly fits into a beauty category, but it’s fantastic enough to pass along. Here are a few.

Alcohol from sugar cane sanitizes and kill germs safely, along with a blend of essential oils like ginger, orange, and basil make a near perfect hand sanitizer that not only kills germs, but softens as well. All ingredients are plant derived, vegan, and without parabens and chemicals. Perfect for the germ-conscientious mom who wants something safe and effective for her and the little ones alike.

Frais Hand Sanitizer

The best razor ever! 5 blades cushioned by a ring of moisture gives the closest shave with zero irritation.

Gillette Venus Embrace

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  1. I love the Venus razor. I use it in the shower and don’t even need shaving cream. It’s great!

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