Olay Professional Pro-X

Drugstore beauty is back in a big way, so much so that there’s a new phrase ‘bargianista’ for the girls on the prowl hunting for the best in beauty on a budget. Olay is leading the charge pioneering a new category of skincare that uses advanced technology sold in grocery and drugstores environment so we can save money on the products that do the heavy lifting on our skin.

The buzz right now focuses on Olay Porfessional Pro-X and the 7 pieces of skincare specialized for women looking to reverse damage. Sure, it’s a fantastic preventative line, especially the Age Repair Lotion with SPF 30, but let the Discoloration Fighting Concentrate and their Deep Wrinkle Treatment do its thing where other lines have fallen short. You will see a difference.

Olay is so confident in the results, they’re offering a $25 Rebate on $50 or more you spend within the line. 50% off is a great deal and pretty uncommon with beauty lines since beauty is almost never discounted. Ever see a ‘sale’ at the Bobbi Brown counter??

Check out their video explaining skin damage and repair.

Available at an average price of $40 at Drugstore.com and various grocery and drugstores.

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  1. Hooked On Beauty says:

    Which products did you use? Did you use them am and pm?

  2. Organic Skin Care says:

    I tried this before and it did not work too well for me. Is there a certain way to use it?

  3. Melissa Street and Aileen Wrench says:

    We are testing this product right now! I hope our testers get good results so that I can blog about them and what a great bang for the buck huh? Thanks for this post!

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