Being TRUE Transforming Skin Tint

Before the giant mineral boom years back, Being TRUE developed and sold their complete line of mineral makeup containing the super anti-oxidant Idebenone to US spas. Their pressed mineral foundation is one that I always go back to, and theirs was the first mineral based liquid foundation I liked.

Apparently, getting a mineral formula to translate into liquid isn’t as easy as you’d think, but TRUE nails it with this sheer-yet-there formula containing minerals and vitamins. 6 yellow based shades ranging from fair to deep are more than enough options given the fact that they blend in so well with the skin, and the deep shade is a departure from the usual light-only options mineral lines provide.

Mineral based formulas aren’t easy to formulate for darker skin tones since the minerals they start with are pure white, so at a certain point adding too much pigment starts to look grey on the skin and it just doesn’t work. If you’re needing something a little darker, add a touch of liquid foundation that might be too dark for you on its own, or even one that matches exactly. Don’t worry though, this sheer formula doesn’t need to be exact so just a hint of bronzer might do the trick.

Being TRUE Transforming Skin Tint

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was looking for a liquid mineral- thanks!

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