Doctor T’s Supergoop SPF 30

We all know how important sunscreen is, but which one is the right one for you? Are they all created equally?

Supergoop has a formula that stands out from the crowd- it’s a water-resistant, weightless (it’s so lightweight you can’t tell it’s there), chemical free formula that’s meant for daily use on the whole family. It’s so easy to wear daily in fact, that it’s commonly purchased in the big 15 oz size (shown above.)

What’s the difference between this and other sunscreens? Simple, it doesn’t breakdown as easily when exposed to sunlight so the effectiveness surpasses most other brands. You’re also fully covered from both UVA and UVB rays.

SPF ratings are based on UVB rays (think of the B for burning), so with an SPF 30 you’ll be 97% protected from sun burns. Supergoop isn’t available in a higher SPF because they’ve found that even an SPF 50 only increases your coverage to a 98%, but the added chemicals can irritate sensitive and children’s skin.

UVA (think of the A for aging) rays are more deeply penetrated into the skin, and do the most visible damage like wrinkling, discolorations, and an overall aging effect from the collagen breakdown. You’ll always want to make sure your sunscreen specifies UVA/UVB protection.

My verdict? Supergoop is very light and undetectable on the skin- even my face- so applying it daily to my neck, arms, and declote on my way out the door was easy since I couldn’t feel or smell it.

$11 for 1.6oz, available online.


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  1. Never knew it came in such large sizes! How great! I have used their smaller tubes which are great for travel but just ordered the pump to keep by the back door! Only lotion I have found that both my kids and hubby will wear! Thanks!

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