Smashbox Double Duty Beauty Kit

For a very limited time of one week only, Smashbox is offering all you need to update your look into a full on spring siren. I guarantee you’ll use these until they run out. This isn’t the typical dump-what-didn’t-sell routine some companies pull, these are the staple colors for any women’s wardrobe that I always recommend when giving women makeup lessons.

The kit is simple yet complete with 10 must-have shades; 4 cheek colors, 4 eye colors, and 2 rosey glosses for a steal- $27! It’s a $90 value, so I’m sure supplies won’t last the week.

Smashbox Double Duty Beauty Kit

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  1. Melissa Street and Aileen Wrench says:

    I just saw these colors at The Makeup Show in Los Angeles – very beautiful! Go get these ladies!

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