Bioelements Recovery Serum

What was once a box that sat on my desk collecting dust and begging to be used, is now my go-to, all-purpose serum when my skin is feeling over-exfoliated, stressed, or just for a makeup free day.

Bioelements Recovery Serum restores your moisture barrier by providing a silky seal over skin leaving a smooth, glassy finish. Gentle enough to use on damaged skin that just needs a little love, as a primer under makeup, or even for a healthy skin finish when there’s no time for foundation. You’ll find so many uses for this serum once you see how great your skin looks because of it.

It’s filled with chamomile, ceramides, and lavender along with a short list of known heeling, moisturizing, protecting, and soothing all-stars for a concise but targeted result.

$62,, Select Spas in North America and Australia.

Bioelements Recovery Serum

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