Biologique Recherche P50

If something is out of stock, limited edition, sold out, or labeled as a ‘cult’ anything- I must have it.

After seeing the Biologique Recherche Lotion P-50 grace the glossy pages of every major mag, my affinity for it began long before it touched my face. I can say now, this classic doesn’t disappoint.

Used as a toner would be, but touted as ‘liquid exfoliation’, the benefits in this bottle are vast. Their info sums it up best;

‘The cornerstone product in the Biologique Recherche line, P50 is an amazing vitamin-enriched exfoliating potion that gently purifies, hydrates, tones, controls sebum and balances the skin, visibly improving many common skin conditions including whiteheads, blackheads and symptoms of rosacea. P50 prepares skin to receive Treatment Stage products by exfoliating and toning. P50 also prevents and treats ingrown hairs, making it ideal for pre- and post-shaving care.

There is a P50 formulation for every skin type. Active ingredients include: usnic acid, lactic acid, witch hazel, myrrh extract, onion extract and sage extract. ‘

$50 for 5.1 oz bottle,,

The Biologique Recherche P-50

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