Environmental Working Group Warning Against Oxybenzone

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) consists of lawyers, scientists, policy experts, and computer programgers all comitted to finding out what’s really in our personal care products and how they might affect our health so when they announce something, people take note.

When that announcement happens to be about the findings from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), you know it’s serious.

Hot on the heels of springtime, this finding affects 1200 personal care products, about half of those being sunscreens, many in the big name drugstore brands marketing to adults and children alike.

Their findings can be read in the link below.

EWG Article on Oxybenzone

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  1. Makes me wonder if that is why Elizabeth was so tiny when she was born. I carried her the longest of all of our kids and she was tiny. We spent all summer at the pool loaded up on sunscreen. Yikes!

  2. Wow thanks for the link. I’m a little scared to read their findings. Looks like I’ll need to my makeup case of some products pretty soon!


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