Estee Lauder Nutritious Foundation

Estee Lauder takes mineral makeup a step beyond with their new Nutritious liquid and powder foundations filled with skin-loving vitamins, minerals, and the super antioxidant pomegranate. One might say the’ve essentially morphed foundation into skincare complete with SPF, and great for all skin.

I liked the weight, coverage, and finish of the liquid formula and how it covered flaws naturally leaving a pretty finish on the skin that I didn’t want to cover with powder.

For the most natural effect, rub a dab of the liquid between your fingers and press the foundation into the center of your face where the bulk of discoloration occurs. Blend it out with a damp sponge or fingertips pressing the color into the skin and working it outward. You shouldn’t have any foundation against your jawline, it should be blended before it reaches that point.

Estee Lauder Nutritious

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