3 Great Lipsticks

How many times have you gone to a cosmetic counter searching for a lipstick, but instead left frustrated after rummaging through way too many choices that didn’t seem to work. I’ve chosen 3 that I often use on shoots and on brides that wear well and stay true, so maybe you can have a few options before you’re at the store making life a little easier.

Twig is a color I’ve used for years. It’s versatile and doesn’t turn orangey like some neutral pinks can. It’s a winner every time on women who are fair to medium, but skin that’s darker than olive, or women who have a lot of natural color to their lips might find they need something deeper.

Looking for something with medium intensity that’s almost a neutral plum? If you find that lip colors tend to turn orangey on you, Bobbi Brown’s Slopes (pictured middle) is a great bet. It manages to maintain the difficult balance of being sheer and moisturizing at the same time. It’s one of the few go-to shades I have that looks great on all skin tones.

Red is a shade all women want to wear until they have it on. True fire engine reds are hard to pull of, but deep reds mixed with a little plum or brown to make it more of a brick red are a lot more forgiving on the complexion. Daring fair haired beauties can wear M.A.C Dark Side (pictured right), as well as olive skin and deeper skin tones. Dubonnet from M.A.C is a really versatile brick red for all skin tones when Dark Side is a bit too plum

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