Eve Pearl Blush Trio Sweet Cheeks

I might be a little bit obsessed, in part with Eve Pearl’s stellar line of cosmetics, and maybe just a little bit with Eve herself. During her impressive career, she’s won 5 Emmys, worked with some of the most respected names in Hollywood, and is currently the personal makeup artist to Meredith Vieira on the Today Show where she often appears to present the latest in beauty. But above all else, she’s incredibly nice.

She responded to me personally instead of customer service and was extremely excited to reveal her fool proof hi-tech way of making sure women don’t waste time and money finding shades of makeup to best suit their coloring. Skype.

But that’s for another time.

Today, we’re talking cheeks. Eve’s Blush Trio Sweet Cheeks to be exact. 3 compacts available for light, medium, or deep skin tones with the only 3 shades you need- pinky, peachy, and a bronzer. Its consistency was the first thing that struck me as I watched the pressed color turn into a fine dust on my brush that spread easily over my cheeks blending right in leaving a healthy glow. My crowded ‘blush area’ in my case was immediately cleaned out making room for not just another beauty product, but a real solution to something I didn’t know was missing. A lasting glow that makes an instant difference.

I’m testing a few other products from her line now, so reviews are on their way. Maybe I’ll even get to chat with Eve herself about their new groundbreaking method to reach all women to make their beauty routine a lot less confusing.

Eve Pearl Blush Trio Sweet Cheeks

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  1. Melissa Street and Aileen Wrench says:

    Don’t you just love this line? I have so much of Eve’s products in my kit and can’t do a shoot with out them! Her HD Foundation, eye shadows, cheeks, liquid liner, lip glosses – be still my heart and I can always rely on them. Since I work in HD always – I don’t ever air brush and I only use cream foundations, when I discovered Eve’s products years ago – I dumped all of my other product in my kit! I talk about her product all the time on my blog too! Nice to see her getting more press!

  2. Hi! Absolutely adore the blog!! Question – would you use a big brush and use all three in the trio at once? I have the big Laura Mercier “skunk brush” or several other blush brushes. Thoughts?

    Blush is my weakness (as in literally my weakest area of doing makeup) – I hate it! I can’t get away from Lancome’s Fantasia (now discontinued) but I need to find something just as awesome.

    Thanks a million!

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