3 Custom Color Specialists Finding Your Discontinued Lipstick

I have two guilty pleasures. First, I sometimes search through the missed connections on Craigslist because gems like this are all too common, ‘Saw you at Starbucks last Tuesday on 14th St. You had the grande, soy, extra hot, no water, chai. I had the quad, venti, 7 pump, french vanilla, soy, extra hot, extra dry, cappuccino. Eye contact was made, but alas no number exchanged. Send me an email and tell me what I was wearing so I know it was you.’

If you don’t read it then you aren’t living.

My second pleasure, is pretty guilt-free. I cruise the lipstick archives at 3 Custom for my long lost lip loves from various cosmetic lines that were discontinued just to see if they’re on file. And then I found it. Winter Beach!!

A gloss from Estee Lauder for their Bronze Goddess collection in 98′ that rocked my socks. It wasn’t meant to stick around, just another seasonal color to be enjoyed and then disappear into the makeup boneyard, but I loved it. I bought as many tubes as I could and used them up one by one only to keep the last little dollop of the final tube in my case for years before finally paying my last respects and letting it go.

Apparently I wasn’t the only Winter Beach lover since 3 Custom Color had it on file, which means that someone sent theirs in to be matched, re-created, and cloned to take on a new life 11 years later. Now, this color wasn’t an easy one to duplicate mind you. Grayish mauve might be the closest description I have for the shade that transformed itself depending on what it covered- not a run-of-the-mill pink by a longshot.

3 Custom created a perfect Winter Beach for me. Color, weight, everything was the same. I also got to check out a Whisper Sheer Lipstick they call a ‘shimmering nude’ that’s so warm and sexy on, a complete summer must-have (pictured above).

Save yourself hours of combing through Missed Connections, finding the lipstick that got away is much more of a sure thing.

When you place an online order for 3 Custom, make sure and find 3 concealer shades you’d like to try and enter them into the Customer Notes section during checkout for free samples of their concealer I saw everywhere backstage at Fashion Week. It’s pretty amazing- review coming soon.

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