What Makes Makeup Timeless?

Princess Diana, Princess Grace of Monaco, Audrey Hepburn. 3 photos, none of them recent, but all still fresh and somehow modern looking. How is this possible when photos of ourselves from just a few years ago look so dated?

Timeless beauty has always had a look, and deconstructing these photos holds the key.

Brows, brows, brows. I remember my first appointment with Denver’s brow guru Carla Gray, I was so excited to have my brows shaped perfectly and see what the buzz was all about since everyone who goes to her is completely loyal and they drive from everywhere just to see her. My 30 minute appointment shrank to about 3 minutes when she saw my brows. “You’re over-plucking. Big time. Grow them out for 2 months, then come and see me.” And though I looked like a she-wolf through that entire holiday season, I did what she said and have never looked better.

Keeping a brow a little on the fuller side while honoring its shape will not only keep your look fresh, but it will make your eyes appear larger, and your nose smaller. Too-thin brows aren’t flattering on anyone, in any era.

Neutral shadow. Hey I love bright, fun eyeshadow as much as the next person, but here the women display natural tones that fade into their lids letting the liner bring the eyes forward. In a situation like a wedding where timeless makeup is key, choose an all over color that matches your skin, then something just a bit deeper in the same color family on the lid only blended into the eye’s natural crease.

Eyeliner. Day to day, I personally am not a big fan of lining under the eyes. Smudges are annoying, and can also make you look tired, exaggerating dark circles. Follow Ms. Hepburn and Ms. Kelly’s lead by using a good amount of liner on top only and keeping the bottom bare to brighten up the eye area and to keep the focus upward giving a lifting effect.

Lip color. Find your signature shade that makes you feel vibrant, alive, awake, and happy and use it the most. Here we see a vibrant red, along with coral-based natural shades just a hint darker than lips.

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