Jurlique Calendula-Lavender Hydrating Essence

Do you ever have those moments of total and complete clarity when you feel like your mind is so still that problems seem distant and the answers so available? Uh- yeah. So before you write that off as total weirdo hippie nonsense, this happened to me today after a particularly grueling yoga session when we were in savasana, my favorite yoga pose ever.

Our instructor came around with the usual post-practice treat of washcloths they submerge in a mix of ice water and lavender essential oil to be wrung out and placed into our hands. I carefully created a tent over my face with mine making just enough extra room to breathe in, filling my lungs with the crisp lavender while cooling my body back down. Amazing right?

What’s even more amazing is finding that same experience right at home with a quick remedy for stressed skin and minds. Just drop a few drops of Jurlique’s Calendula-Lavender Hydrating Essence into a basin of water and allow your washcloth to soak up the goodness pressing it into the face to calm and soothe skin that’s inflamed, dry, before a mask, and in the tub. Two calming essences come together for a powerhouse experience in one huge bottle so you can find your Zen without the sore muscles.

Jurlique Calendula-Lavender Hydrating Essence

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  1. Hooked On Beauty says:

    Core Power is very popular for a mainstream studio and they’re all over- it just depend where you are located. We loved one that closed unfortunately a few years ago and haven’t found one we love as much.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love this! Aromatherapy is my thing!

    On another note, can you recommend a few yoga studios in the Denver area? I know this is a little off topic but I'll be relocating in the Fall & can't just give up the addiction! Thanks =]

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