I have a friend who is kind of.. sweaty. Sweaty Betty we’ll call her. I knew when I received MED e TATE from DERMAdoctor that Betty would be the perfect person to see if these individually packaged moistened toilettes would be the answer to her dryness prayers.

MED e TATE is recommended for those with Hyperhidros- a medical condition that affects 3% of the population where they just sweat even when they aren’t active. These are the people who use Botox in their palms and under their arms to halt wetness. So if it works in the most severe cases, you can image how well it worked for Betty.

She started out with just a few packets of this patent-pending formula to give it a try, but I ended up giving her all but 3. Apparently, just a swipe under her arms kept her dry through hot yoga, work, and happy hour drinks. Many times. She used it in place of deodorant and couldn’t say enough about its effectiveness.

My final 3 are strategically placed in my bag and car for emergencies until I can get more. Summer is just around the corner, and so are vacations- don’t invite Betty along.


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