Nufolia Lavender Cleansing Bar

More often than not, my skin is… kinda terrible. You might not expect that since I have access to so many different products, but it’s just over-worked since I own and personally try out every single item I review on my site. It’s the products you won’t read about- the ones that I try and don’t make the cut- doing the damage.

I fell upon Nufolia’s Lavender Cleansing Bar in a boutique months back and almost passed it by since it wasn’t labeled ‘for face’ or ‘for body.’

“We all have that, and we all love it,” chimed an adorable sales girl who explained that the line was formulated with the most delicate skin in mind including babies and pregnant women. There isn’t a need to label it for the face since its mild formula allows it to be used on any skin.

I’m finding that this little bar calms and soothes my skin when I’ve used too many cocktails of glycolic/ retinol/ enzyme/ peptide/ whatever moisturizer was in the mail that day to wash off the 5th foundation I’ve used in 6 hours/ all of the above.

9 gentle ingredients, mostly soothing oils, for any skin, at a price we can all swallow? I’m feeling calm already.

$12,, Spas, Boutiques

Nufolia Lavender Cleansing Bar

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