Good Day Colorado Appearance; All About Brows Featuring Carla Gray

I’m really excited about my Good Day Colorado appearance tomorrow! I’ll finally get Colorado’s Brow Expert, Carla Gray to explain her method to shape brows in a way that makes your nose smaller, eyes larger, and just adds an overall lift to the face.

She really is the best I’ve come across and her loyal clientele who drive from far and wide to see her can also attest to her genius.

We’ll feature 3 women of different ages and brow situations to show what the correct brow shape can do for a face. You’ll also get some tips on how to get the right shape for your face at home if you don’t live in Colorado and can’t see Carla.

If you live here in Denver, the show airs from 9-10am but I’ll also add the video right here on HOB.

Good Day Colorado

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  1. I’m extremely excited to watch the segment! I grew my brows out, and now I really am not sure what to do with them.. lol

  2. Christine says:

    I am so excited to see this…as I am growing mine out to get a new look!

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