Eve Pearl High Definition Dual Foundation

Fashion Week was my first real look at Eve Pearl. I saw her products everywhere, even when artists weren’t supposed to be using anything besides offerings from the company sponsoring the show, some artists were using Eve’s High Definition Foundation anyway- and now I understand why.

I first used her foundation on a recent shoot and knew it covered over all imperfections without seeing it on the skin even in the tightest shots, but I wanted to check its staying power to see how it looked after several hours, under hot lights, and on TV.

First, the cream consistency is a bit deceiving since it doesn’t smother your face in color like you’d expect, it drapes itself over the skin resting over redness and imperfections to conceal while allowing enough skin transparency to look natural. There’s no greasiness or color change even after several hours, and the lighter and darker shade provided take the place of 4-5 bottles of traditional foundation easily once mixed to varying intensities.

Who might want to try out this skin-perfecting compact?

- If you’d like a fuller to medium coverage without the weight or feeling of too much foundation.

- Makeup artists who are building their kits and can’t afford to purchase 20 different foundation shades. These 4 intensities offered (light, medium, tan, and dark) are all you’d need.

- Future brides in charge of their own makeup.

- Any situation where photography is involved.

- Women who have a hard time finding a color to match them, or if you have to switch to a darker shade for summer- this will be your year-round solution.

Eve Pearl High Definition Dual Foundation

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