Anastasia Matte Highlighter

Using the Matte Highlighter from Anastasia for the brow segment last Monday on Fox, I realized how dynamic it was.

Since the days of using white shadow to highlight the brow bone are o-v-e-r, a quick swipe of this cream-to-powder stick can create a brow shape even if there really isn’t one and give a little boost using skin tone correct shades. Run it along your brow line giving a more defined look, or use it under lipstick for longer wear. You can also use a bit on your lower lash line to add brightness and look less tired if your mascara runs.

The unique feature here is that it’s matte, which I love. I’m a big fan of leaving the shimmer on the lid and matte only up top. It’s modern and easier to pull off so you don’t inadvertently look like a disco ball.

$21, 6 Shades,, Sephora, Nordstrom

Anastasia Matte Highlighter

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