Brows 101 on Fox

Here’s the brow shaping video from Fox on Monday. I love how Carla showed exactly how to frame out the brow before getting started. Her best advice- make sure you have time to tweeze the entire brow since plucking little bits at a time daily can lead to over-tweezing that might never grow back.

If you’re in Colorado and would like to take advantage of the discount Carla offered on the show, give her a call 303-847-8708 and tell her you saw her on Fox. You’ll receive a consultation on brow shaping and a wax for only $30.

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  1. Hooked On Beauty says:

    Thank you! Carla is really talented- I can tell when someone sees her because they look so polished!

  2. It was a good segment! Your brows and the woman who was standing above Carla looked the best :) If I lived in CO, I would definitely see her.

  3. Haiku Poems says:

    WOW!very good video and helpful also.
    Invitation letter

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