3 Custom Color Specialists Creme Concealer/ Foundation

Most professional makeup artists have this palette in their kit (or at least they should). What’s not to love? 10 shades of a uniquely textured concealer that beautifully doubles as a foundation. Not a makeup artist, no problem. Each shade also comes in a compact meant for daily use by discerning women who desire flexibility and ease in their foundation routine.

3 Custom Co-Founder, Chad Hayduk explains what makes this best-seller so fantastic and shares another multi-purpose must have.

What makes this concealer so special?

Our concealer is actually both a concealer and foundation all in one.  It is a full coverage crème that you can completely control the coverage of.  It blends seamlessly and it is a staple in many celebrity makeup artists kits because of its multifunctionality. 

You can use it on puffs, blemishes or dark circles in a full coverage using our concealer brush or use it with a dampened or dry sponge to sheer out the formula to use it more like foundation.  It is great on all skin types and comes in 10 shades.  We can even custom blend the perfect shade for you! In addition, you can take a dab of your favorite moisturizer and blend in a bit of concealer to make the perfect tinted moisturizer!

Is your concealer/foundation meant for daily use or just professional?

Anyone can use it! 

What other must haves would you suggest for women? 

Another great “concealing” option is our Light Clarifier which is a lightening brightening flesh toned eye liner that you can use on the inner rim (or waterline) of the eye.  It makes the eyes look bigger, brighter and clearer.  You can also use it as a spot concealer, highlighter for under the brows, lip color corrector and highlighter!  It is water resistant and even the most sensitive eyes can use it.

3 Custom Color Specialists Creme Concealer/ Foundation $22.50

3 Custom Color Specialists Light Clarifier $16.50

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