Latisse Week One

Starting point

After 1 week

It’s official, Latisse works. The first and only FDA approved treatment to give longer, thicker, darker lashes does just what it claims to do in a short span of time.

My prescription was $100, insurance of course doesn’t cover it (check around for rates at different pharmacies), but it’s less expensive than some popular over the counter formulas. I’ve been using it nightly as directed, just one drop per eye brushed along my upper lash line before bed. There haven’t been any side effects other than a little itching shortly after I apply it, but it’s really minor.

My baseline photo wasn’t the greatest, but you can tell that my blonde lashes are darker, thicker, and more noticeable in just one week. I’ll get some better photos next time.

I’ll continue to use it nightly until I get to where I’d like to be, then use it once or twice a week for maintenance.


This is another photo from the week one series- I had some emails asking for a photo of the same eye. The lighting is a little better and you can see that my eye color hasn’t changed! I PROMISE better quality photos next week.

**UPDATE** RevitaLash, Maximumlash and other companies have people who comment regularly on various Latisse posts, so take the comments attached with a grain of salt, they are just a commercial in disguise.

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  29. Nothing else can make lashes stunning but Maximumlash. I was electrified when I saw my lashes fuller and longer within just 4 weeks. Its just amazing.

  30. I am using MaximumLash and all I can say about it is, AWESOME!! My lashes are now fuller and longer. And it happened within 4-6 weeks.

  31. It is MaximumLash for me!!! Nothing really compares on how amazing the results that you'll get are. I had no regrets in using it. Only satisfaction.

  32. Revitalash is the best experience i have ever used and i have tried them all! It keeps my eyelashes curled and adds length and volume. It is the only product i will ever use again.

  33. Revitalash is the best experience i have ever used and i have tried them all! It keeps my eyelashes curled and adds length and volume. It is the only product i will ever use again.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I treat Maximumlash as one of my bestfriend which I can really rely on striking results on my lashes.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Maximumlash is just amazing. Nothing compares.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Sara is right. I cant deny it myself. Maximumlash is the best for nourishing lashes. I thought it would be impossible to have gorgeous lashes but Maximumlash proved me wrong.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Hi Im Sara. You know Maximumlash worked on me and gave me fuller and longer lashes and I'm pretty sure it'll work on you too. SO why not try?

  38. I would feel much safer putting revitalash on my lash compared to other brand. It is already tested through my experience of using it over 5months. If you asked about my lash definitely stunning.

  39. finally made the right decision….using revitalash makes my lashes to have life again no brittle and fragile lashes now!

  40. I can’t imagine my lashes without this Revitalash eyelash conditioner. I only know it would be a much different, much less comforting.

  41. sandra777 says:

    Well, I actually switched to Maximumlash too. I found satisfaction with this product. I also recommended this product to my sister and she is also using it right now. With Maximumlash I got lashes which other love and compliment.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I tried a lot of lash enhancers but only Maximumlash worked. I'm glad I met Maximumlash this early. I notice a difference on my face within 6 weeks and haven't seen any signs of irritations. I'm gonna continue using Maximumlash and I'll keep you posted…

  43. veronica says:

    for eyelash growth serum I only trust one brand and its Revitalash sooooooo safe to use coz its being made by an eye doctor.

  44. I Love Revitalash, it's a miracle product, having had extentions for awhile I will stick with revitalash.. My eyelash tech is wonderful but after awhile it's hard for your lashes to have glue on them all the time and after a few months I had super short lashes, now they are thick and beautiful. I am in love with this product.

  45. I bought Revitalash because it was less expensive and it did nothing for me. I got Latisse from a spa and my lashes grew really long and dark in just over a week. I'm still using it about 4 times a week, but I don't need to use it every night because my lashes are hitting my glasses as it is!

    Latisse worked much better for me.

  46. katherine says:

    Hi patti! exactly, as I have similar experience with you. I am definitely not switching to a different product. Reasonable price and is capable of producing the results we drooled for our lashes.

  47. Hooked On Beauty says:

    Just an FYI so nobody gets confused. RevitaLash has their people comment under Latisse posts of popular blogs. It's common. It's lame. But it's the way it is.

    KEEP THAT IN MIND. It's not just regular women who have tried the product, it's the company spamming against Latisse.

    I've yet to hear Latisse turning eyes different colors because the solution would have to really be present in your eyes which it isn't when you use it for lash growth. That's a side effect when it's used for glaucoma treatment that they have to include.

    It's FDA approved and well worth the extra money. I've seen it work on so many girls now and their lashes always look fake. It's amazing and it's safe- FDA approved.

    Just my 2 cents for what it's worth.

  48. I see on the pics that your eyes has changed it's color. So it's true then that Latisse changes your eye color. I am using Revitalash and nver had a problem with that. And I got longer, full, and dark lashes.

  49. charlene says:

    I really wanted to have long and full lashes. I tried home remedies but none worked and just irritated my eyes. I switched to an eyelash conditioner as my friend recommends. She told me to try Revitalash. I have been using Revitalash for 10 weeks, now I have fuller, darker,curlier lashes without any signs of side effects!! Though it took some time, it is worth the wait!! 3 weeks is a short time, I noticed changes on my lashes on the 6th or 7th week. But no regrets!! I love the results.

  50. I am also a Revitalash Fan. And got great lashes after using it for 8 weeks. And I didn't get irritations at all. You should try it.

  51. I am a loyal Revitalash user, though I’ve tried some of the other products out there.Revitalash was one of the first eye lash growth products on the market and was developed by an eye Doctor, so I know it’s safe. It took about 8-9 weeks to see a noticable difference (doesn’t happen overnight). With mascara, my lashes touch my brow bone!! I get comments all the time.

  52. michelle says:

    I haven't try using Latisse. But I've been using RevitaLash for 6 weeks now, and I noticed that my lashes are getting fuller, thicker and healthier… I'll keep on using this product.

  53. hannahborgs says:

    I haven’t try Latisse. But RevitaLash really works for me. I used to have thin lashes but when I tried the product, I now have fuller and thicker lashes. Especially when you use the mascara too. It really looks you stunning. The price is worth it!

  54. Hooked On Beauty says:

    It's priced similarly to other lash products and it's FDA approved.

    The main thing people worry about is the warning about it turning your iris another color, but that was when it was used in the eye for glaucoma treatment.

    I'm still using it and like it.

    Other products, like Revitalash work well too, but I haven't tried them.

  55. it is ridiculously priced! that's the reason why i'm using Revitalash. same results at a much lesser cost. i have read some side effects about Latisse. are they true at all?

  56. Anonymous says:

    Ive been using latisse and love it. i can see a big difference in just a week to!

  57. Fab_Eyes says:
  58. Anonymous says:

    Revitalash isn't much less at $80 and you can't use it if you're pregnant or going through chemo! What's that all about? This is a safe option and paying a little more for it is soooo worth it. I'm getting it this week.

  59. Alexandra says:

    I can’t believe how expensive Latisse is! I first bought Revitalash 6 months ago and love the way my lashes look now. It didn’t happen overnight, though. Took about 8-9 weeks. Now, I constantly get asked what mascara I use, or if I’m wearing fake eyelashes. Who would’ve thought my short, stubby lashes had it in them???
    Keep us posted on the Latisse…

  60. Hooked On Beauty says:

    I know- I’ll get a better shot next time of the same eyes.

    My eyes haven’t changed at all. The top one was daylight no flash, the bottom at night with a flash. They do look so different though.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Hi Carissa. I wish the photos were of the same eye. I’ve heard that this stuff can darken your eye color but I didn’t think it happened in one week. Or do you have two different colored eyes?

  62. Your lashes looking Amazing, Carissa! I thought the prescription would cost much more than that. What kind of doctor do you suggest I see for the script? Again – beautiful!

  63. Hooked On Beauty says:

    They say your lashes will go back to normal once you aren’t doing it- that’s why I’ll do a maintenance phase here at the end of the month.

  64. Veronica says:

    Whoa! Do you have to keep using it though? Are the results only while you’re on Latisse?

  65. Hooked On Beauty says:

    I wish the quality of photo was better the first time and that they’re the same eye. It’s fantastic.

    I have a friend testing Revitalash now too, so we’ll see! i hear that’s another great product.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Hi Carissa! I’m so excited to see how this works for you. I’m a fellow Denverite and I just bought Revitalash this weekend (The Woodhouse was having a 25% off sale and so, of course, I had to buy it since it was discounted).

    I write for another local website, and will be excited to see what you have to say about Latisse.


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