Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer

A multi-tasking skin perfecter that gets skin glowing like a runway model is how I’d describe Kevyn Aucoin’s Sensual Skin Enhancer. Only a pin sized amount is needed to spot treat discolorations both as a concealer and foundation. More and more, I’m seeing these smaller sized 2-in-1 concealer/ foundations simply because foundation isn’t being warn all over the face anymore.

The more modern approach to perfect looking skin is easy to achieve with this enhancer because of its weight- thick enough to first conceal redness or discolorations, but still able to smooth it around as a foundation for places where you need a little more. As a rule, your foundation should be applied in the center of the face as needed, and completely gone by the time it hits your jaw line. Just cover what needs it and let the rest go. Why wear it all over your face if you don’t have to? Leaving as much skin as you can uncovered is fresh, youthful, and always modern.

$45, 15 Shades,

Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer

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