Aveda Sun Care Kit

Aveda’s Sun Care trio offers protection and recovery for your hair this summer so it doesn’t pay the price for too much fun in the sun.

Sun Care Protective Hair Veil is a super sunscreen that will help preserve your color and keep it from fading- it’s also just what I’ve been looking for since my scalp where my hair parts is often burned. Just a few sprays gives your hair a pretty shine from vitamin e, organic shea butter, and palm oil, and offers UV protection for a longer amount of time than the sun shines in the day- so you’re completely covered. 

3.4oz $26, Aveda.com, Aveda Stores Nationwide

Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser is a true all-in-one that you can tote to the pool or on vacation since it gently removes all traces of salt and chlorine in the hair, and also acts as a moisturizing body wash. Even if your activities don’t include the outdoors, give it a shot for an effective weekly clarifier that removes all product build-up without stripping color.

8.5oz, $20, Aveda.com, Aveda Stores Nationwide

Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque gives the benefits of a leave-in conditioner without the time commitment. A blend of organic oils, vitamins, and anti-oxidants strengthen the hair and leave it so soft in just 2 minutes when used in the shower in place of your daily conditioner.

4.2oz, $26, Aveda.com, Aveda Stores Nationwide

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