Latisse Week 2

Here are my week 2 results for Latisse.

The first photo is a baseline photo, which wasn’t very clear (sorry), followed by 2 photos after using it for a week, and 2 photos from 2 weeks of use.

I can see a big difference this week in length and thickness, but not as much in darkness. My lashes are getting so long, I might just use it twice a week to maintain since they’re hitting my sunglasses now! I’ll use it for another straight week to see what happens though. I didn’t think it would work so well so quickly.

Starting point

Both photos from week 1. Same session, just one photo using a flash.

Week 2, the most recent photos.


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  1. Hooked On Beauty says:

    I thought of that- when to stop- but my lashes were good to begin with.

    Someone asked me again today if I had lash extensions on. I get that a lot now.

    When you cease use, they go back to normal. I think one more week of full use.

    Most people with shorter lashes would benefit from 4 full weeks, then maybe 2-3 times a week. I think the little bottle would last 6 months or more since 1 1/2 drops does both of my eyes at night.

  2. latisse gainesville fl says:

    Great results, please keep us posted. Thank you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    okay its great that this thing works but i am worried about is what if lashes just keep growing? . Hmmm what are we suppose to do trim them :)

  4. Wow C! It’s worked amazingly well for you! Are you curling your lashes before taking a photo, or is that natural? Yes, I would reduce it if it’s hitting your sunglasses! lol I’m going to look into seeing someone about Latisse. Thanks for posting!

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