Pomega5 Pomegranate Cleansing Bar

The smell of Pomega’s Pomegranate Cleansing Bar was the sole reason the product almost didn’t make it past my desk into my bathroom for me to try. Within hours of freeing the soap from its wrapper, my office was filled with the sweet smell of lemongrass, pomegranate, and lavender which made me so happy I wanted to keep it in there as a makeshift flameless candle bar (note to self- invent that).

My hope that the scent wasn’t the best thing about this bar was soon realized when a lathery foam emerged from just a few sweeps of the bar between my hands. Dense suds washed my skin leaving it so completely cleansed that I didn’t need a toner. That intoxicating scent is so refreshing first thing in the morning, it’s sure to wake up your skin as well as your senses.

Pomega5 Pomegranate Cleansing Bar

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