Line High/ Low: Bobbi Brown

Every line has a few signature items, the ones for which they’re known and others try and duplicate. Similarly, each line has a few items that aren’t that great and are eventually phased out or re-formulated. Here’s my Line High/ Low for Bobbi Brown.


Their Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner is their hands down best formulated item out of the line. It wears as indicated and the color selection is perfectly complete. These are must-haves in makeup artist’s kits and something I personally wear all the time.

If you have yet to find a perfect foundation, go for their Foundation Stick which also doubles as a concealer. Adjust the coverage exactly they way you like it, adding more where you need it and less where you don’t. All skin types can use the stick except for very oily, and the 17 shades offered have you covered no matter what your skin tone.

Rarely talked about and totally underrated is their Lash Glamour mascara. What makes it unique is the gel formula (traditional mascaras are cream) that can be used over any mascara to give a glossy false lash look, or of course used on its own.


I’ll never understand the Shimmer Bricks. Even using a light-handed approach can leave you with shimmer overload, especially outside in daylight. Adding a pink shade to the equation (versus a bronzer) adds another challenge since a shimmery pink face doesn’t seem like a desired effect.

Now I love their Eye Shadow colors as much as I love the new packaging for the custom palettes. I guess the only problem is the shadow formulas themselves. Creasing varies from color to color, and so does intensity. Some shades glide on easily, while others make you work harder than you care to trying to create depth.

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