Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Lotion

Boulder based Mountain Ocean has been churning our their cult classic Skin Trip lotion for over 30 years by hand in small batches. It’s vegetable based with coconut oil and a short list of ingredients that contain only the best things for your skin- after all Whole Foods wouldn’t shelf them otherwise.

If you like anything coconut scented, you have to get this. Light, milky, crisp, yet soft is how I’d describe the scent of this perfectly blended formula that sinks into your skin to wrap it in lightweight total moisture. You can’t over-do it since it never turns greasy and the scent is subtle.

Once you love the lotion, you’ll do what I did and buy the bar soap too. The lather is insane and smells just as good.

$9,, Whole Foods,

Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Lotion

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