Freeze 24/7 Instant Targeted Wrinkle Treatment

For years I’ve wanted to try Freeze 24/7 knowing it’s a must-have in most makeup artist’s kits due to its unique ability to immediately lesson the appearance of wrinkles for up to 24 hours making makeup application a whole lot easier. I can say first hand how this little jar more than lives up to its reputation.

The photos are ones I snapped, it’s my hubby allowing me to exploit the wrinkles I’ve given him over the years for a good before and after photo. I applied the cream as instructed and allowed it to absorb for about 10 minutes. While there was a big difference in the depth of the lines, I was also very impressed with the overall texture and tone of his skin in such a short amount of time! Please note that for deeper lines which .. he may or may not have (sorry honey) you’re supposed to re-apply which I didn’t do.

I’ve been using it on girls for a while now and have noticed across the board the big difference it makes in their skin- especially wrinkles- where no other product has even come close as far as an immediate difference.

Their eye serum offers the same effect using the tiniest amount, you can actually feel your skin tightening in minutes.

$125/ 1 oz Available at these retail locations as well as online.

Freeze 24/7 Instant Targeted Wrinkle Treatment

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  1. Semi Permanent Make Up says:

    Many women feel uncomfortable without their make up and wish they had the natural beauty and self confidence to look good as soon as they wake up, or at the gym or beach. It would be great to save time each morning.

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