Light Summer Fragrances with Estee Lauder Pleasures Jasmine Violet Splash and Pure White Linen Pink Coral

Everything gets lighter when the temperatures soar- makeup, the weight of clothing fabric, even fragrances. Just the weighty feeling of having too much anything on you somehow makes the temperatures just seem unbearable. Every summer I switch to a lighter sheer floral scent or body spray, the kind that lingers when you walk by and everyone asks what you’re wearing.

Pleasures Jasmine Violet Splash (limited edition) is a fresh twist on the popular Pleasures line which now includes several variations of the classic floral scent. I was so enchanted by the light scent, I sprayed it into my curtains so I could enjoy it when the breeze blew in.

8.1oz $52.00, Estee Lauder locations worldwide and

Pure White Linen Pink Coral is the color pink in a bottle; vanilla, jasmine, cherry blossom, and apple blossom are among the sweet scents in this frosted bottle that give this fragrance a feel that’s both light and crisp. A winner for any woman who likes subtle scents with a little kick.

1oz $39.50, Estee Lauder locations worldwide and

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