Jane Iredale Cool Beauty

Jane Iredale’s summer collection, Cool Beauty is one of my favs of the season. It’s a fresh, well-rounded take on a summer look that’s vibrant, alive, and beachy-chic.

Her Mini-Matte Finish Powder is something no purse should be without. No matter your foundation, just a touch of this powder will tone down shine without drying the skin or looking too matte. It just leaves a natural finish without any trace of oil.

Azure Triple Eyeshadow and Aquamarine 24- Karat Gold Dust will slowly make their way into your regular shadow routine with a pop of color reminiscent of sand and sea that brings out the best in all eye colors.

Pinot Noir is a fun change from the ho hum black and brown liners we’ve all come to own. This rich plum can be used with both neutral brown and cool toned shadows alike, with a shade that gives great contrast, but gives a lighter look on the skin

Erin & Julia PureMoist LipColour SPF 18 are sheer, moisturizing lipsticks that even a die-hard lip balm only wearer would love, and the two colors are pretty much as perfect as summer shades as it gets.

Jane Iredale Cool Beauty Collection

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