Summer Shimmer with Prescriptives, ChapStick, Pantene, and Profound Beauty

Just a shot of carefully placed shimmer can make your look pop. Lips are pretty much a no brainer area where shimmer is begging to be placed, but ever thought about your hair? Adding shimmer and shine to the hair can hide a lot of imperfections especially if your budget has you spacing out trims a little further than you normally would. 

Here are a few of my favorite shimmering beauty must-haves.

Prescriptives limited-edition Exhilarating Lip Glosses are guava flavored and refreshingly under-scented. I’m so bored with glosses that smell like a 3rd grader should be wearing them. Not only is the amount of shimmer exactly right, but its silky slip redefines the way a gloss should feel on the lips. Mango is the shade shown, but al 3 colors are sheer and perfect for all ages and skin tones.

$14.50, Department Stores Nationwide,

Who doesn’t own ChapSitck? This longtime legend in lip care has gone girly with its release of True Shimmer, a collection complete in August that will include 4 new flavors all for under $3. Available now are Botanical Berry and Tropical, Peppermint Rush and Blended Fruit Sherbet will be out this summer.

Pantene’s Expressions line leaves hair sparkling with it’s shimmering shampoos and conditioners. Available in Blonde, Brunette, Red, Midnight, and Silver, you see immediate radiance in even the most lifeless locks. I especially love the Silver one, its purple base eliminates yellow brassiness which replaced my costly purple shampoo that did the same thing for much more.

$6, 5 shades, Drugstores Natiowide

Profound Beauty helps you to find your personalized combination of hair products based on your hair’s needs. One of their smartest products good for all hair types is their Priming Spray. Spritz it over damp hair to block out harmful UV rays and chlorine absorption, as well as protect from heat damage. Its superfine shimmery gleam will help your hair to look as healthy as it will feel.


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    I appreciate it very much, at least I know from it someone is reading the contents I have here.

  2. Sarah @ Salescoop says:

    Thanks for this post! With the current economy, it's so hard for everyone to maintain their beauty routines. It's great to see our basics for such low prices. The Pantene's Expressions Line is really interesting, and perfect to shimmer in the summer season.


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