Sephora Favorites Boxed Kits

Sephora knows we all have too many regular sized, unused products just laying around like a beauty bone yard. Can’t return them because they’re used, but we don’t want to use them because they didn’t work. Ugh..more money wasted.

For a very limited time, you can swoop up an entire category of Sephora’s best selling products for under $40. Try a variety of moisturizers, lip colors, makeup, and my personal favorite- mascara.

Both in waterproof (1st photo) and regular (bottom photo), these kits will allow you use some fantastic brands you might not pay to try out otherwise. Give the unwanted ones away, or send them to your travel bag. With a lineup this solid, you’re sure to discover the mascara you’ve been searching for.

Sephora Favorite Boxed Kits

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  2. Caroline @ Salescoop says:

    Sephora Favorites Kits are amazing. I think they are such a reasonable price for the amount of products that you get. They are the best way ever to find the right product for you! I totally agree that the mascara kit is amazing; so many women just can't find one that they love. This is such a great way to test mascara out without paying a ton of money.


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