Jane Iredale Dot the I

When it comes to all things beauty, it’s the fun extras that make the world go round. Jane Iredale continues churning out delightful originals like her latest creation Dot the I.

This container that can house your regular Q-Tips once it’s empty, holds 50 double ended cotton swabs with the middle portion containing a reservoir of a liquid made from natural botanicals to remove eye makeup smudges. Just snap off the marked end and the opposite cotton tip will fill with just the right amount of fluid to erase what they call ‘accidental smokey eye.’

I now have a few in my bag at all times, and use them a lot more than I thought I would. What I really love about the liquid is its ability to gently erase the smudge without affecting the entire area underneath.

Jane Iredale Dot The I

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  1. Caroline @ Salescoop says:

    I am definitely one of those people who gets raccoon eyes from leftover mascara! This product seems like it will work wonders. Love the cute container too. Great post, thanks!!


  2. That seems almost like a necessity. It looks like it would do wonders for those who get raccoon eyes from mascara or eyeliner.

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