Envision Beauty The Solution

You like to keep it simple. You will never be the girl who has a separate skin care routine for am and pm, and taking your makeup off before bed is an accomplishment all its own.

But you still want results.

The Solution by Envision Beauty is your dream come true. Inside this beautifully crafted bottle is your anti-aging treatment, antioxidant, eye cream, primer, and moisturizer all in one. One bottle, one step, so many benefits.

It contains all the best, most advanced ingredients in skin care.

Covering all your bases as far as skin concerns.

It’s also free of Parabens, Mineral Oil, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Urea, Glycol, and Alcohol.

Now for the goods. For once the pump gave just the right amount of product, not too much forcing you to consume way beyond your usage, the scent was light if nonexistent. As for moisturization, its lightweight texture will soak into most skin types leaving a naturally moisturized feel behind. They really did formulate this for all skins. However, if you’re incredibly dry, or if you like a dewy feel to your skin, you might need a little added moisture.

Clear out whatever you’ve bought and don’t like/use/have room for. Make way for your new one and only.

1oz $74 Envision-Beauty.com

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  1. Angeline says:

    I am so happy you posted about The Solution! I have been using it for about four months now, and my skin has never been better. I have dry skin with occasional breakouts, and it has made it look so much better! It actually is more moisturizing for my super dry skin than a lot of heavy creams! Thanks for the post, your blog is amazing!

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