Om Aroma and Co.

If you thought of beauty in terms of dessert (which isn’t that much of a stretch), then think of Om Aroma and Co. as a decadent chocolate soufflé where one bite isn’t enough.

Om’s Creme Eclat combines grapeseed oil with shea butter, chardonnay, and silk proteins into a base of organic oatmeal infusion for the richest most delicious body creme. Each jar is prepared by hand and filled with certified organic ingredients whipped into a texture that is dense in moisture, but light in feel- so it absorbs into the skin right away leaving a lasting softness and a beautifully light scent.

6.7oz, $50,, Select Spas and Retailers Nationwide

Champagne and grapeseeds work together with olive and jojoba oils to make Elixir de Beauté facial exfoliant. Micro-scopic powdered pearls give the face a fresh luminosity while sweeping away dulness and preparing the skin for its last course.

3.4oz, $48

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  1. Sarah @ Salescoop says:

    Wow this product sounds amazing. The Creme Eclat already has me wanting to run out and see how it smells. I wonder what the chardonnay inclusion does to the hydrator. It is so unheard of! And also the Elixir de Beaute sounds so refreshing. I like that it combined all the products (yes even champagne) I use anyway into one. Great post!

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