Carissa on ABC 15 Sonoran Living; Summer Beach Bag Essentials

Thank you to ABC 15 Sonoran Living for having me on to chat about beach bag essentials. Stephanie Sandoval, their solo hostess extraordinaire was a lot of fun- (I didn’t expect to discuss my bikini grooming habits) but we did fail to mention one thing on the table. One of the best things actually.

Carita’s Fluide De Beaute 14 Ultra-Nourishing Dry Oil has launched a thousand imitations since it’s launch over 50 years ago. This beautiful shimmering bronzy highlighter is meant for hair, face, and body to add a sexy sheen to whatever it touches.

Check out more beach essentials on their site, just click on 9 must have items for your beach bag.

And for the record- I’ve never forgotten.

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  1. Delphine says:

    My aunt used to use this but I've never had the opp to try it myself. Thanks for remind me, it's now on my list!!

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