L’Oreal HIP Color Presso

When it comes to L’Oreal and their line of high intensity pigments- that’s HIP to you and me- you can pretty much guarantee a home run.

10 gloss duos rest in separate chambers waiting to be squeezed out of this cleverly packaged lip system and applied either blended together or separately. You’ll find the color combinations perfectly complimented- if you like one, you’ll love the other. The gloss feel is silky and creamy and they smell like vanilla cake- any gloss lovers dream.

2 Shades $13, Drugstore.com, Most Drugstores Nationwide

L’Oreal HIP Color Presso

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  1. Caroline @ Salescoop says:

    I am definitely a gloss lover but I have never tried this! Now I really want to. Love that there are two separate colors in one package; I am known for losing my lip gloss. Makes it a lot easier for traveling. Thanks for the rec!


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